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Legoland Florida has Fun Planned

My hand hurts thinking of Legoland; intricate details so grand, each display exactly planned.

Be on the lookout for Batman and Robin.
Be on the lookout for Batman and Robin.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
Legoland Florida will soon be opening a hotel.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views

Imagining how long that would take makes my hand ache. I hope the creation doesn't break.

Smile at Lego statues I see. Prance around the park with glee. Want to go on a ride with me?

Would you like to soar in the sky or be on a boat sailing by? Rather get wet or stay dry?

Get in a water fight on a boat by the castle's moat. There's a Waterpark if you want to float.

Watch pirates on a spree, sailing the high sea, but luckily there's heroes that can water ski.

Jump and twirled, tricks make straight hair curled at the Water Ski Capitol of the World.

Beg your pardons, before your memory hardens, but Legoland is Cypress Gardens.

Hark, it's Florida's first theme park, a central Florida landmark, spruced with a new spark.

For inspirational hope, wander gardens planted by Pope; it's a perfect setting to elope.

There's an enormous banyan tree and a Lego constructed southern lady worth a sightsee.

If you'd rather hide and play inside, there's places to build Lego creations; have you tried?

There's Lego building classes, and for the masses, a few awesome movies with 3D glasses.

Just for fun, let's see who's more handy with a gun; aim for the targets and let's see who won.

Check out the itty bitty versions of every major city, with moving parts and lights so pretty.

Watch the rocket launch up, or cars race for the cup. Did that pirate just fire at you? Yup!

They're adding the new hotel as well, and if it's under the Lego spell, bet it'll be rather swell.

It's just a stone's throw away from Orlando; Tampa and Cocoa Beach are not far away to go.

Come relax away from the big city hustle, with less traffic to muscle in road rage tussle.

Let your mind be blown by all the creativity that is shown; it's amazing even for the grown.

The little one can splash around and have fun, testing each and every ride on the run.

Adults are blown away by the design of each Lego shrine, how the blocks perfectly align.

Each corner has a surprise, and you won't believe your eyes. There's allies and bad guys.

Pick a side and go into battle. Did that seat just rattle? Check out the mini-Seattle.

Get a thirst quencher, become part of the adventure, then take in a show as a bencher.

You may want to add another day to your stay, so you get to experience all there is to play.

For more information on Legoland in Florida, visit The author of more than 100 books, Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For more on Marisa, visit and

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