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LEGO releases new sets for movie

LEGO has released a line of new sets that tie in with the upcoming LEGO movie due out in theaters in February 2014. "The LEGO Movie" is a LEGO animated family film set in a world populated by LEGO characters, and the new sets represent the characters and vehicles found in the film. Here's a look at each of the thirteen new sets in the line.

The Cloud Cuckoo Palace is one of the new sets designed to tie in with "The LEGO Movie" (2014).
Product image from LEGO

The lowest priced sets start at $12.99, with both the Getaway Glider and Melting Room providing low cost options. The glider includes main character Emmet and two robot cowboys as well as a horse. The Melting Room also includes Emmet along with heroine Wyldstyle and another robot opponent.

Only one set is priced at $19.99. The Cloud Cuckoo Palace is a colorful kit with a palette drawn from the Friends line. It includes Emmet, Wyldstyle, and the robotic Executron. With its bright colors, candy details, and purple Unikitty, this set is likely to appeal to girls, and adult hobbyists will find many attractive parts for their collections.

Five sets appear in the $29.99 price range. Like the Cloud Cuckoo Palace, the Ice Cream Machine features pink and pastel colors, and it also includes two female minifigures. Bad Cop's Pursuit features Emmet, the cop in his flying police car, and a pair of alligators. The Trash Chomper includes a monstrous trash truck and three figures. Castle Cavalry employs parts from the long-running castle theme to create a tower that converts into an attack vehicle, with two knight characters to drive it and a female civilian. The Flying Flusher is a plumber's van that changes into another flying attack vehicle, with two plumbers and a male civilian character to interact with the van and the threatening Micro Manager.

For $34.99, fans can pick up MetalBeard's Duel, in which a large robotic pirate fights a bigger Micro Manager. Three figures come with the set, including a robotic skeleton.

The Creative Ambush is priced just under the $40 mark at $39.99. This time the figures battle a Micro Manager with two flying vehicles, a saloon bi-plane and a flying kebab stand. Four minifigures, two of them female, are included with the set.

Two sets represent the highest priced bracket at $69.99 each. Lord Business' Evil Lair is a large play set with several unique figures, including Vitruvius and Lord Business. There are six figures in all, along with another version of the Unikitty. Rescue Reinforcements includes five figures, two of them wearing shirts that celebrate different LEGO themes from earlier years. A large firetruck mecha and a windmill helicopter can be used to battle another large Micro Manager opponent.

Also available now is the latest series of LEGO Minifigures, which ties into the movie by featuring all characters from the film. Watch a trailer for "The LEGO Movie" at the top of this article.

Find all of the latest LEGO sets and prices by visiting the official LEGO Shop at Home site. Other new sets include a line of Disney Princesses modeled after LEGO Friends and a Parisian Restaurant Creator set.

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