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“Lego Movie” dominates slow box office

"The Lego Movie" has a solid weekend at a slow box office weekend
"The Lego Movie" has a solid weekend at a slow box office weekend

To no surprise, The Lego Movie is once again at the top of the box office with an estimated $31.5 million over the weekend. The Lego Movie is enjoying it’s run, taking advantage of a usually slow time of the year at the box office. The movie is far surpassing all expectations with it’s $183 million box office in just three weeks, averaging over $60 million a week.

The other two movies that premiered over the weekend were able to reach double digits, but fell short of what was expected. 3 Days to Kill brought in an estimated $12.3 million. This is a solid opening for the movie with a $28 million budget.

The other movie, Pompeii, didn’t fare so well. The movie had a large budget, right around $100 million, but was only able to grab an estimated $10 million. Pompeii had hoped that Kit Harrington would have brought in the fans from Game of Thrones, but lack of promotion may have hurt this movie.

The other two movies to round out the top five are Robocop with an estimated $9.4 million and The Monuments Men with an estimated $8.1 million.

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