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Lego movie and the Jewish totalitarian matrix

Lego movie and the Jewish totalitarian matrix
Lego movie and the Jewish totalitarian matrix
Fair use, to illustrate article's context.

Well, alright, the title, “Lego movie and the Jewish totalitarian matrix” is more than a bit contrived and yet, attempting as it does to cover all bases, it does not…

As with any movie, the key to viewing the Lego Movie is discernment. Check out what the movie is about and discuss it with your kids before and afterwards because Hollywood will do that which it does and it is up to you to teach and practice discernment.

Hey, hey, remember that wonderful kid friendly family movie “We Bought a Zoo”? Well, there is enough filthy language in it to embarrass Red Foxx. Oh, oh, what about the lovely kid friendly family movie “The Muppets Wizard of Oz”? They make a reference to “Girls Gone Wild” and the Kabbalah (Jewish mystical/magick). I know, I know, what about the kid friendly family movie “Hop,” about a cute little Easter bunny? The bunny keeps trying to get into the “Playboy mansion.”

That’s right kids; get on the internet and be sure to look up terms such as “Girls Gone Wild” and “Playboy mansion.” Yeah, ‘cause even if you do not do so now then, when you run across such things when you are older, you will be mind warped in a psychosexual conflict and combination of fond childhood memories and raging sex drive—hooray for Hollywood!!!

Well, what, exactly, will be found within the Lego Movie? Only time will tell but here are a few interesting tidbits about the worldview behind it.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller corroborated upon the movie. Lord notes:

“In a weird way it's sort of the most commercial thing we could do, and at the same time this is a gonzo, punk-rock, anti-establishment kind of movie. It's the tension and marriage between the two that really excites us. We've made a movie about totalitarianism for kids.”

The movie centers around Emmet, who is a regular guy who is mistakenly identified, via an apparently misinterpreted prophecy, as being the one who will save the world from the villain President Business whose alter ego is Lord Business. Thus, this is basically a Matrix movie for kids—along which comes the Matrix’s Gnosticism.

According to the official website for the movie, President Business seeks “world domination” and:

“operates a successful business that creates music, TV shows, surveillance systems, history books and voting machines, in addition to all dairy products and coffee.”

Note that according to Jewish tradition, one name of YHVH, the God of the Bible, is Emmet. This name means truth and is spelled with an Aleph (or, Alef), Mem and Tav—the first, middle and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

So, what is the message here? That Jesus is just a guy to whom prophecies were mistakenly applied and was thus wrongly tough to be the savior? Well, that may be going too far, but then again; who knows?

The fact is that Emmet is a Jewish name for YHVH; why the movie uses it and what it could mean within its schema is anyone’s guess—I guess.

One thing about which we can be certain is how Emmet is lead towards his, apparently mistaken, mission by “Vitruvius”; an old man with glowing eyes, who wears a long white robe over a tie-dye shirt and jeans, who acts as the Morpheus (from The Matrix), Gandolf (from The Lord of the Rings), Obi Wan Kenobi (from Star Wars), etc., etc., etc. character who, apparently mistakenly, identifies Emmet as the one and leads him in the way which he should go.

Obi Wan Kenobi is the Jedi who teaches Luke Skywalker how to use The Force or, rather, how to allow The Force to use him (see our article Everything I know about the occult, I learned from Star Wars for more on this). He urges him to let go, stop thinking, just feel, let The Force flow through you, etc.

Well, the official website describes Vitruvius thusly:

“An ancient and heroic wizard who prophesizes that a ‘Special’ will defeat Lord Business and become the greatest LEGO Master Builder of all.

He tries to teach Emmet that the key to true building is to believe in yourself and follow your own set of instructions inside your head.”

So, we have a gonzo (unusual or strange, characterized by subjective interpretation and exaggeration) punk-rock (which is based on a form of anarchism), anti-establishment (down with The Man—maaaaaan) totalitarian (relating to or operating a centralized government system in which a single party without opposition rules over political, economic, social, and cultural life) background. Of course, being anti-establishment against totalitarianism is a good idea.

The foreground is that a wizard (an occult practitioner of magickal crafts) who prophesizes about a “Special” who will become the greatest LEGO Master Builder of all and teaches Emmet that to truly build, he must believe in himself (not believe in God-YHVH) and follow his own set of instructions inside his head (in other words, do what thou wilt). Well, this is just folly as it implies rejecting everything except that which happens to occur to someone at any given moment.

Yes, yes, the movie is typical of “good” versus “evil” (without providing an ethic whereby to define “good” or “evil”) and so we are supposed to think that all of this does not matter as long as the “good” guy wins in the end. Indeed, this the ends justify the means premise has been the basis of just about every single movie and TV show there is. The hero died long ago as the “good” guy does the same exact things as does the “bad” guy but he is the hero simply because he wins, in the end.

But overall, the message is deconstruction; break down any and all traditional wordviews, traditional family, traditional ethics, traditional beliefs, etc. and rebuild them in your own image. This is a terrible message for kids and it is the back bone of our pop-occulture.

Culture and Hollywood will do that which they will do; it is our responsibility to discern.


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