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LEGO 'Ghostbusters' toys: For 30th anniversay, LEGO 'Ghostbusters' toys coming

New LEGO Ghostbusters toys will be released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film.
New LEGO Ghostbusters toys will be released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film.
LEGO of Holland

LEGO "Ghostbusters" toys are coming to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film. The latest LEGO "Ghostbusters" toy is actually designed by a fan. According to a report from Yahoo! on Thursday (Jan. 30), the ECTO-1 will be produced through an agreement with Sony Pictures Consumer Products. This news should make fans of the film and the building blocks pretty excited, especially because it presents a new collectible.

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The man with the idea behind this new concept is Brent Waller, who is a 3-D Environment Artist in the video game industry from Brisbane, Australia. He came up with the idea and after receiving 10,000 fan votes to be considered as a product line, the company gave it the go-ahead. In addition to the vehicle itself, four minifigures will be produced to go with it. They will, of course, represent the four main characters of the hit 1984 film.

The image attached to this article is of the original ECTO-1 LEGO "Ghostbusters" toy and not necessarily what the new product is going to look like. The company considers the new one to be in its final design stages, but has yet to reveal when it will go on sale and how much it will cost. Those announcements will likely be held back to help create more excitement for the product line when it is close to hitting store shelves.

Creating products like these is something that the LEGO Group does pretty often, not necessarily through fan suggestions, but as a way to create additional buzz for the main product lines that the company produces. The idea has worked again, because there are already a lot of people mentioning the ECTO-1 on social media.

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