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Legislators have decision on dpendable healthcare coverage facts

Washington, now that President Obama's end of the year complaints have worn off, has not admitted helplessness on keeping on track on monitoring the exchange sign ups San DIegans can not fail to take an offer on to get insurance premium payments needed to pay for healthcare. Fixing the problems locals experience paying for the healthcare they find worth choosing, using the federal system, depends on the Senators who return to work on Monday.

Federal operations at the call centers, and online chat sites, that take in complaints from taxpayers and consumers stands up to review the House representatives in San Diego, Susan Davis not in step, affirmed, by voting for the Exchange Information Disclosure Act on the 16th, need regular facts before the federal government can take on the challenge making the enrollments system, and healthcare payments, work the way the President intended. Every Monday Secretary reports the California governor, Jerry Brown, and an underinformed population of citizens in San DIego, could read, and voice an opinion on, will go out from Washington after the Senate finishes the job the House representatives started.

The local small businesses Davis helped give the healthcare cost shelter the Affordable Care Act guaranteed with tax credit payments on worker enrollments take stock in a federal system that does not have to reveal its tax credit payments. A blind spot in its reporting system fellow Democrats Juan Vargas and Scott Peters held the line on fixing with Republicans Duncan Hunter and Darrell Issa.

The bill in Congress mandates healthcare navigators that run the sign up and coverage system, and their partners and subcontractors, respond to federal government requests for information. Troubles San Diegans expereince making sure their coverage gives them a return in actual healthcare benefits can hide behind government call center doors until regular reporting becomes a Washington practice.

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