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Legislation and prayer to stop Westboro Church from picketing funerals in AZ

Arizona law-makers set to block radical church from picketing
Arizona law-makers set to block radical church from picketing
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The radical cult-like church from Topeka, Kansas that has become infamous in recent years for spewing hate messages, attacking prominent political figures with twisted interpretations of the Bible and picketing funerals of soldiers is at it again. The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas has made a proclamation that they will picket the funeral of the young 9-year-old girl shot in the tragic Arizona mass shooting just days ago.(along with all other victims' funerals) Though Christian Taylor Green was an innocent victim, as were all those shot, this group of misguided, ill-informed people are determined to mar her memory and attempt to steal peace on the day of her funeral.

After holding up signs and sending out hate messages against Elizabeth Edwards and the Edwards family when Mrs. Edwards died from complications due to breast cancer just last month, the Westboro Church is no doubt jumping for joy over the fact that they once again get to find something to hate about someone else; supposedly on behalf of God.

The stance this radical entity is making for justifying the picketing and protest at the 9-year-old girls’ funeral is that her family is Catholic and “God hates Catholics”. Similar cruel signs filled with lies are constantly present at such rallies and protests by these people. At Mrs. Edwards’ funeral one sign read, “Thank God for breast cancer”.

In response to the hate-filled rhetoric, a group of Christians in the Tucson community where the family lives has formed a sort of ‘angel squad’, with volunteers agreeing to line up and surround the funeral area and grave-site in order to help mask off the picketers and keep the family from being disrupted in their time of grief.

Though Kentucky is far from the Arizona community where this horrific and evil tragedy has happened, our prayers should not be far from those involved. There is no political, religious or so-called Biblical issue big enough to keep the effectual prayers of true God-fearing, compassionate and Christ-like people in our state from covering these families in prayer during this time.

I encourage Churches across the Louisville, Lexington and Bluegrass area to take up the mantel to pray, fast and call upon God for protection from those who are using their free will to spew hatred. These wolves, false teachers and false prophets are not even masked in sheeps’ clothing. Resting on their rights as citizens in a free country, they consistently use their freedom of speech and right to assemble as a platform to cause discord rather than reach out, evangelize or change lives. They are enjoying their moments of torturing others while blaming it all on a God who SO loved His people that He gave up His only sign for their salvation.

The seeds that this group of people is planting will spring forth a harvest of bitter fruit and keep people who truly want to seek God’s love from doing so. So as you pray, please also pray for conviction and truth to burst forth over, into and on this group of people. Pray also for the protection of those who are willing to stand between this family and the hate-mongers who give Jesus Christ a bad name.

In the meantime, God bless and keep sound and sane the lawmakers in Arizona who currently are considering emergency legislation to keep the Westboro group from picketing any of the funerals of this tragic shooting. The legislation would be an over-all law that would prohibit picketing and rallies at all funerals within the state of Arizona.

For more in-depth information on the details and quotes given by the leaders of the Westboro Church, click into the following link: Phoenix News times

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  • Richa~~ 4 years ago

    Picketing funerals should be against the law and the family or friends or the community shouldn't have to protect the ceremony ! That's just crazy !

  • Lisa in NV 4 years ago

    Yea Karen!

  • Profile picture of Karen McCracken
    Karen McCracken 4 years ago

    Thank you Lisa...

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