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Legendz of Baltimore

Layout of Legendz Gaming
Layout of Legendz Gaming

Endless nights of punishing joy sticks trying to achieve high scores surrounded by friendly laughter, flashing lights, and the smell of pizza is a childhood experience few can discount. This classic recollection shared by almost every adult too commonly a long lost memory. Opportunities to revisit the good old days of hitting the arcade with friends and a pocket full of quarters are rare. Though social gaming is on the rise with massive multiplayer online (MMO) games and built in social networking features for next gen consoles there is a severe lack of communal spaces to meet fellow gamers. Gamers of every city can always find club’s to join or attend conventions but these still depend on the leasing of local spaces or using a friend’s basement to grasp that true social aspect of gaming.

This desert of social gaming is what inspired Baltimore local Jeremy Harris to pursue his dream of creating an environment for adult gamers to recreate their favorite childhood memories of spending afternoons in the local arcade. Jeremy is planning on opening Legendz Gaming this summer, an adult arcade to include modern gaming systems and vintage arcade games alike. The idea for Legendz Gaming was first created in 2012. Jeremy discovered a severe decline in arcade business and upon discussions with a Las Vegas arcade owner decided his hometown of Baltimore needed a revival. Along with help from his brother John Harris, Jeremy started creating a plan to make this dream a reality. With assistance from their funding campaign on, the Harris brothers are searching for an ideal location close to one of the many Baltimore universities for a possible summer grand opening. John, owner of Knock You out Plumbing, is prepared to handle any contracting needs as Jeremy continues to develop the business operations plan.

Legendz Gaming will feature multiple next gen consoles, 50 arcade games, a beer and wine bar decorated with vintage comic books, and a kitchen serving game inspired meals and snacks. Jeremy also plans on hosting regular tournaments including prizes for top players to encourage competition and community involvement. Attracting a diverse crowd of adult gamers is the primary goal of Legendz Gaming. Jeremy hopes to provide a much needed service to the multiple gaming communities spread throughout Baltimore lacking a consistent location to socialize, network, and just have plain old fun. Read more about the Legendz Gaming project and its mastermind at