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Legends of Baltimore: Dave 'Coolman' Cooley

Dave Cooley


  • Profile picture of Natalie DiTullio
    Natalie DiTullio 5 years ago

    sounds like a great guy! it's fun that he designed the course for the marathon :)

  • Profile picture of Kimberly Bogin
    Kimberly Bogin 5 years ago

    Nice tribute Erin!

  • Sharon Heidel Gontasz 5 years ago

    I worked with Dave for the same organization before retiring. He was a true professional at the workplace and on the running scene. A few years ago I reentered the running scene after a brief absence. He recognized me coming across the finish line and cheered me on with the bull horn. And at the awards ceremony when he gave me my award he said in front of everyone "Welcome back Sharon". That meant so much to me to know that I had someone on the running scene that actually cared to reach out to me as a person, as I am a bit introverted when it comes to making friends with other runners. Dave is a legend.

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