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'Legends': EPs on #DontKillSeanBean, the question of identity and more

"Legends" has come to TNT, and with it has come a very memorable hashtag. On Tuesday, Aug. 12, we uploaded our video interview from a press room roundtable with executive producers David Wilcox and Howard Gordon at San Diego Comic-Con about the hashtag, Sean Bean's character and more.

EPs David Wilcox and Howard Gordon in the 'Legends' press room at San Diego Comic-Con 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out that video interview above or here. Plus, keep reading for the highlights, including their thoughts on #DontKillSeanBean, the show's theme and more.

"It was all TNT," Wilcox said of the hashtag. That said, there is a way around it: by killing off one of his legends. "I think that's a great way to kill Sean Bean and not kill Sean Bean," Gordon admitted, with Wilcox adding, "Yes, in many ways, Martin Odum's legends do at times, they get burned and he has to say goodbye to them. It's interesting. In the show, that's an emotional thing for him, because he fully inhabits these characters. He sort of has to bury them. He has to say goodbye to them. To Martin Odum, this was a legend that had a family and had a wife and a kid, and he'll never go back to them again, even though in his head, he lived with those people and cared about them and felt for them. It's an interesting kind of psychological character study. Every legend is kind of a full study."

"Legends" is different from other shows just because of the concept of these legends. According to Wilcox, "They're kind of these preexisting identities that he steps into and steps out of but they continue to exist. We're not doing a 'legend of the week,' if you will. These are deeper stories that play over multiple episodes, and he lives in that legend over multiple episodes."

"I don't think any of those characters ever asked, 'Who am I?' and that's really what it comes out to, and so it becomes a mystery," Gordon added. "'If I'm not Martin Odum, then A) who am I?" But that's not just about his biography; what about the kid and wife he has real emotions for? "It really makes you deconstruct and reconstruct the question of 'Who am I?' and that's what Martin's doing."

The notion of identity is the show's core theme. "The idea is is that, for someone like Martin, beginning to raise this question of 'Am I actually living a legend? Is Martin Odum a legend?' – that's a huge launching off point for a guy who needs to get the answers," Wilcox explained.

Check out the video for much more from the EPs David Wilcox and Howard Gordon. "Legends" premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. on TNT.

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