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'Legends': Ali Larter on Crystal, her relationship with Martin and more

TNT's newest series, "Legends," premieres next week, and we had the chance to join reporters in a press room roundtable at San Diego Comic-Con to find out what to expect. On Thursday, Aug. 7, we posted the video interview with Ali Larter, who plays Crystal McGuire.

Ali Larter in the 'Legends' press room at San Diego Comic-Con 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video above or here. Plus, keep reading for the highlights from Larter about her character, an operative in the Deep Cover Operations (DCO) division who has a history with Sean Bean's Martin Odum.

"One of the things about this show is not only are they taking really kind of difficult, interesting storylines and weaving it into this great mythology, we also want to have fun while we're making it," the actress said. "This isn't just some dark, edgy show. It's fun to watch also."

She loves the first episode. "You get to see Crystal when she's on her toes and making decisions that she needs to make. You get to see her break a little bit and the emotional toll it takes when someone that she cares about gets hurt and how you deal with that," the actress explained. "Later in the season, you see how she deals with the pressures of the work and how she finds her release."

Here's something to look forward to seeing: Crystal's relationship with her father, which causes her to "revert" a bit to someone a bit "childish." "She's such an empowered woman that to see her like that is probably going to be a little uncomfortable."

As for Crystal and Martin's history, Larter shared, "There's no question that they've had a history together. Right now, what they're dealing with is the conflict of how he approaches his work, which is, he's all instinct, he does what he has to do, and Crystal's all about following the rules and trying to manage him, and he doesn't want to be managed. So it's that never-ending conflict, of trying to find ways into him, trying to find ways to connect with him."

Check out the video for much more from Ali Larter. "Legends" premieres Wednesday, Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. on TNT.

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