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Legendary wrestler Diamond Dallas Page presents new form of Yoga

Diamond Dallas Page also known as DDP is a professional wrestling legend, fitness guru and now has developed his own brand of the traditional Yoga discipline. That is right, former wrestling legend is now a Yoga practitioner and he wants to teach you his system.

Diamond Dallas Page promotes fitness with yoga
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

His system titled DDP Yoga is already making an impact in the lives of those who have committed to the workout. Celebrities, athletes and military personnel are implementing Diamond Cutter moves into their fitness regimen.

The attention this workout is getting comes from DDP Yoga’s most known client, Arthur Boorman. This American Paratrooper returned from the Gulf War injured with chronic back and knee problems. Doctors told him the injuries sustained from service would result in him walking with the assistance of crutches.

For fifteen years that was the case while gaining weight along the way, ultimately he weighed 297 pounds. Then at age 47 he discovered DDP Yoga. Now he walks without supports and is 147 pounds lighter.

“The goal is to get you moving,” states DDP, “I am there with you as a personal trainer teaching you the moves then we progress, getting into shape burning fat and breaking up scar tissue.”

In addition to working out with DDP in the video from time-to-time he will pick up the phone and contact avid practitioners and active Facebook friends.

For skeptics of DDP Yoga this type of customer service is unmatched and the inspiring story of Arthur Boorman is proof the system works. After all DDP Yoga is not your mother’s yoga.

Listen to the complete interview with DDP and here.

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