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Legendary surfboard shaper Wayne Rich wins at Sacred Craft

Shaper Wayne Rich n I
Shaper Wayne Rich n I
mary osborne

The Sacred Craft surf exhibit was at the Ventura fairgrounds this last weekend. For those who missed out, it was an amazing sight to see with various handcrafted surf board designs, unique surf related vendors, and beautiful talented artwork. Legendary shapers, pro surfers, famous artists, surf lovers and business owners walked the small dome building at the fairgrounds. The Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by US Blanks was also a big hit Saturnday and Sunday. The six shapers were allotted two hours in the US Blanks shaping bay in which to replicate a classic Yater Spoon. The Yater Spoon, a board that won the heart of Miki Dora, as well as thousands of other surfers, is not an easy board to craft. The shapers all used their special skills to replicated the Yater Spoon which offers unique volume changes, bottom roll and rail foils. Todd Proctor, Nick Pallandrini, Dennis Ryder, Michel Junod, Matt Moore and Wayne Rich battled out there skills while hundreds of audience watch in awe and photographers snapped continuous flashes. The final winner was announced Sunday afternoon. Wayne Rich took home $1000 check for his amazing talent. Congrats Wayne!