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Legendary status: Beyonce's outfits to be displayed in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame displays Beyonce's most memorable outfits-slide0

All the single ladies can put their hands up! Superstar Beyonce Knowles Carter is taking her legendary status to another level, as some of her most memorable performance outfits will be debuted at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum on Tuesday. The Beyonce fashion exhibit will be featured to pay respects to the iconic singer who has succeeded in taking over the music world for the past decade. It was announced on Friday that Beyonce's select outfits will be placed in the Ahmet Ertegun Main Exhibit Hall in its "Legends of Rock" section, next to iconic pieces from Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen. Some of the outfits will include Beyonce's Superbowl one piece, the white tank and blue jean shorts from her "Crazy in Love" video, the black leotard and metallic hand piece from the "Single Ladies" video, and even her golden robotic one piece costume from her performance of "Get Me Bodied".

Beyonce is working her way into legendary status with the likes of her mentors, as Rock of Roll Hall of Fame selects her outfits to be placed in the Legends of Rock hall along with Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, and David Bowie.

Although being included in the Hall of Fame exhibition is pretty epic, the superstar won't be eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame herself until 2022 for Destiny's Child, and 2027 for her solo artist career. "For an artist to be able to have a presence where all of her idols and mentors live, it is a big deal," Lee Anne Callahan-Longo (general manager of Bey's production house) stated. "It's very meaningful to an artist when you feel like you've accomplished certain levels and to be asked to be part of this before she's eligible, I think that's really special."

The display will also feature one of Beyonce's most memorable Met Gala gowns, her outfit from the cover of her Dangerously in Love album, and her gold textured dress from the powerful video for "Girls (run the world)". This display will debut Tuesday in Cleveland, Ohio.