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Legendary pinball, video game artist Python Anghelo passes away

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Python Anghelo, the man behind the artwork on a seemingly endless line of pinball and video arcade game classics has died. He passed on Wednesday, April 9 after a three year battle with cancer. He was 61.

Anghelo was born in Translvania, Romania and later moved to the United States in his late teens. The artist worked for Disney until making the jump to Williams Electronics in 1979, where he worked for 15 years.

His list of credits include some of the most popular pinball titles ever released by the former arcade powerhouse, including pinball machine classics such as Pin*Bot, Comet, Cyclone, High Speed, Bad Cats and Taxi as well as video game titles such as Joust, Sinistar and Bubbles.

"Every so often the world produces a undisputed genius like Einstein. In pinball and video game art and design that was Python Anghelo," said arcade champ Lonnie McDonald, a friend of Anghelo. "The world is sadder without him but his legacy of Art and design will live on."

More of Anghelo's friends remembered the man as the news made it's way around the pinball world.

"Python often referred to himself as a 'Crazy Cat' because he felt that there were two types of people, Crazy Cats and Copy Cats," remembered PInball Inc's Al Warner. "The Crazy Cats are the ones that think outside the box and create the wonderful things in the world. Python was the craziest of them all and the world will never be the same."