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Legendary Pictures’ ‘Mass Effect’ movie may be dated for release in 2016

Mass Effect
Mass Effect
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Universal and Legendary Pictures are known to be making a movies based on Bioware’s Mass Effect video game franchise in the future, but the film just moved one step closer to realization as the project might have been given a tentative release date which would see a theatrical release happening in November of 2016. Universal Pictures announced that an untitled project will release at that time which will be a new movie franchise based upon an already existing intellectual property as IGN reported on May 14.

The details of the upcoming film belonging to an existing non-movie property alongside the fact that Legendary Pictures and Universal are supposedly putting the finishing touches on the World of Warcraft movie make the timing and pieces fit that work on the Mass Effect movie may soon begin in order to make the speculative box office release at the end of 2016.

Legendary Pictures recently discussed their concerns and goals when it comes to putting the Mass Effect series to the big screen. Legendary CEO Thomas Tull stated that he is a fan of the gaming franchise himself and wants to make sure that they do justice to the series. Tull revealed that Mass Effect doesn’t feature a simple story and they don’t want to dumb down the movie version so getting the right screenplay for the project is a top priority.

In addition to an upcoming movie based on the science fiction franchise, Bioware is also currently developing the fourth installment of the Mass Effect series. Little is known about the new game other than the fact that it will introduce a new protagonist after Commander Shepard’s story was fully contained within the first three titles. The developer hasn’t even announced a potential release window or what platforms the next Mass Effect game might appear on, although it is expected that the game will be available on the Xbox One and PS4.