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Legendary Ox Baker down, not out

Ox Baker, one of the most feared men in professional wrestling, was hospitalized recently after and episode with his heart required his having a defibrillator implanted to regulate his heart beat.

Ox Baker
WrestleStuff Inc.

There was no indication that Baker had a heart attack but rather was having episodic trouble breathing which prompted his visit to the hospital. While there is was also discovered Baker was taking a medication that was having a negative impact on his kidney's so that medicine was supplanted with something less toxic.

"I am feeling better every day and I want to thank all my fans for caring," Baker said in a conversation today. "I will be in Marion, OH on April 19, 2014 for Classic Championship Wrestling and I will be in Asheville, NC on May 17, 2014 for Tri-State Championship Wrestling so come see me," Baker added.

Baker will also be part of the Mid-Atlantic Legends Convention from July 31 to August 3, 2014 in Charlotte, NC as a guest of WrestleStuff Inc.

The wily veteran is well known for hurting a number of opponents with his legendary "Hurt Punch" which has purportedly killed two men either during or after the match.

Baker was instrumental in starting a riot in Cleveland, OH in 1974 after using the "Hurt Punch" on Ernie Ladd during a match with Johnny Powers and fans chased the wrestler into the rafters of the arena.

A reported 8,000 men have fallen victim to the "Hurt Punch" including Hulk Hogan during a feud with Baker for the Florida Heavyweight Championship.

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