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Legendary "Archie" and Marvel Comics artist/colorist Stan Goldberg passes away

Another legend passes on.

As time goes on and comic books continue along their upward slope into broader media, an unfortunate fact of life is that many of those creators who worked on the earlier comics are entering their twilight years. Unfortunately, nobody is immortal. Stan Goldberg, best known for his work for "Marvel Comics" during the Golden and Silver age and his near 40 year association with "Archie Comics", died Sunday evening at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx due to complications from a stroke suffered in mid August. He was 82 years old.

As chronicled by Comic Book Resources, Stan Goldberg had a long career which crossed over into many companies and many characters. He began his work as a colorist and freelance penciler in 1949 for Timely Comics and Atlas Comics, who would ultimately evolve into Marvel Comics. Once the "Stan Lee revolution" happened within Marvel Comics in the 1960's, Goldberg was one of their primary colorists of the period. Although uncredited (as most colorists of the era were), his color work included handling the color schemes for iconic series such as "Fantastic Four" and "Amazing Spider-Man". As an artist and inker, he drew many of Marvel's "teen comics" which were naturally inspired by rival "Archie Comics" characters; these works included "Millie the Model" and "Patsy Walker".

However, Goldberg's career only became more defined when he left Marvel Comics in 1969. After a few years drawing some "teen humor" comics for DC Comics, he began his decades long career with "Archie Comics" in 1972. He became one of the primary sets of artists drawing for the main "Archie" comics as well as related spin-offs (such as "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch") alongside Dan DeCarlo and Harry Scarpelli. This included drawing the weekly Sunday newspaper "Archie" comic from 1975-1980, and from 1996-2006 he was the lead artist on the main "Archie" title. He penciled half of the infamous 1994 one shot crossover with his previous employer, "Archie meets the Punisher". His regular monthly work with "Archie" ended during the famous and top selling "Archie Marries" story from 2009-2010. He went on to draw some "Nancy Drew" and "Three Stooges" comics for Papercutz in 2012.

A native New Yorker, Stan Goldberg has had homes in both Queens and Long Island for his entire life. He is survived by his wife, Pauline, and two sons, Stephen and Bennett. His daughter, Heidi, was murdered in 1984. Goldberg had fully recovered from an automobile accident last year, and his final work - a "Spider-Man" story alongside Tom DeFalco for Marvel's upcoming 75th anniversary special - will be published this October.

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