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Legend of Tell: A Great Adventure Game for iOS

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Legend of Tell is an adventure game for iPhone and iPad which tells the story of William Tell, a renowned crossbow superhero which dares in an adventure to defeat his enemies from Habsburgs. Players control this unique personage through various fun-filled stages where the objective is to get past evil warriors and collect as many Edelweisses as possible. A certain number is needed to unlock higher stages so it's better to collect them all. Additionally, apples can be collected for the purpose of unlocking bonus levels. With this in mind, here are the key features of this game:

Fun and Easy to Play:

The gameplay for Legend of Tell is very well designed, allowing anyone to master the game in a couple of seconds. Controls are simple; basically there are 2 arrows for moving the hero left and right, a button to jump and a button for using the crossbow. Additionally, the crossbow can be aimed left or right. Utmost attention has to be paid to warriors which are well-hidden and can deal considerable damage to William Tell. The cows and other animals in the game are, however, friendly.

Nice Medieval Music and Smooth Graphics:

The gameplay of Legend of Tell is well complemented by a nice medieval music which helps the player better focus on the action. Additionally, this music is very entertaining and its volume can be adjusted from the menu. Graphics are very smooth, hero reacting quickly to players' touches and being able to engage in multiple warrior fights at once. It's always very enticing and rewarding to finish a level, players having to complete 21 stages in order to finish the game. Canyons and lakes can be dangerous, so gamers have to be attentive to all obstacles which may occur.

Gameplay which Becomes Increasingly More Difficult:

It's easy and very fun to play the first levels but after advancing in the campaign players will discover that William Tell becomes much more vulnerable. Attacks become more frequent while apples and bonuses are hidden so well that it takes several minutes and even hours before finding a way to pass a stage or unlock hidden rewards. Nevertheless, game still remains addictive at all times, even though at higher stages players need to do an extra effort before passing the stage. Boss fights and bear attacks are also to be mentioned, since these are very difficult to beat and might take several attempts at once.


All in all, Legend of Tell is a very addicting and fun game for iPhone and iPad. Gameplay is brilliantly-designed and becomes more difficult as player advances on. Even though there are only 21 levels to complete it might take several days before completing them all. Graphics seems to "pop out" of the screen while music complements this game perfectly.

Price: $1.99