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'Legend of Conan' teases movie poster with an older Arnold Schwarzenegger

According to on Saturday, at the recent Cannes Film Festival a glimpse of a white-bearded Arnold Schwarzenegger with a crown upon a furrowed brow made its debut to promote the "Legend of Conan" movie. The film is likely to return to the continuity of the original 80s film and to perhaps make up for the lack of success made by the "Conan the Barbarian" project starring Jason Momoa.

California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger and Actor Sylvester Stallone look on during Shane Mosley's ninth round TKO of Antonio Margarito after his corner threw in the towel during their WBA welterweight title fight on January 24, 2009.
Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Not only Schwarzenegger was a leader in real life as the governor of California but also will be portraying the role of King Conan. The film is intended to be released in December 2015 which means it takes place 30 years after a long stent following "Conan the Destroyer". That being the case, the release will put it around the debut date of "Star Wars 7". To clarify, this film will disregard "Conan the Destroyer" as part of the continuity and will be considered technically the sequel to the first Conan film.

Schwarzenegger is also rather excited about returning to the big screen in one of his first films and touted that it will be bringing back all of the original characters. He mentioned that he attempted to move forward with future "Conan" films, but there was never any kind of backing behind it. Schwarzenegger didn't want to do any projects with those who owned the rights to the film at the time as they didn't have much of a substantial budget and a decent director helming the project. According to Schwarzenegger, they weren't at the "level of big movies."

The actor will also be starring in "Terminator: Genesis" where he returns as yet another mechanized killing machine, "Sabotage" where he stars as a DEA agent taking on a drug cartel, and a "Twins" sequel entitled "Triplets." He also has been seen at Planet Fitness in disguise as a gym manager giving work out tips to members.

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