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Legally Kidnapped awarded as top 100 legal resources

The Internet has, once again, demonstrated its magnanimous ability to expedite First Amendment Rights, not just the freedom of speech, but with the right to redress grievance with government.

Legally Kidnapped's official spokesperson, Baby LK
Legally Kidnapped

This week, the website Legally Kidnapped was honored as being one of the top 100 legal resources for attorneys by the Internet legal publishing giant,

Legally Kidnapped was recognized for its ability to function as an educational tool for dissecting the oxymoronic world of Child Protective Services.  Its daily operations serve as an international repository of information published through professional journalistic media conglomerates and individual bloggers.

For more accurate presentation of federal and state documentation of child welfare issues, LK, as it is known for short in the blogging world, surpasses arcane institutions such as National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) and the National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN) of Cornell University.

In the world of social networking, LK has demonstrated itself to be a leader in the new age of advocacy.  No longer is advocacy contained to fee-for-service in a cyber-world of self-proclaimed gurus because LK has constructed a cyber-window for information and issues to constantly stream to the public and its leadership called the LK Help Desk.

The LK Help Desk is the only complete state-by-state directory of accurate information to file grievances, and for the legal community to act as a free resource to legally advocate.  There are no other national database in existence.

Foster care and adoption traditionally, under state and federal statutes, operate in secrecy due to Freedom of Information Act exclusions and exemptions in dealing with releasing public information about children.  In light of the fact that the majority of child placing agencies are privatized through non-profit status, there really has been no opportunity of compiling information to scrutinize administrations until LK made the virtual scene. 

LK is also a groundbreaking website for attorneys and policymakers alike as it brings together victims and social reform advocates in a community forum to share ideas, to bring accountability and transparency to the nation’s child welfare system, and for the first time in history, to expose the industry for what it is.


  • Been There, Done That 5 years ago

    Yes, LK put together a very nice index with his help desk. Too bad he forgot to mention that filing your grievances with the resources he provided won't accomplish anything. CPS wants you to waste your time on their diversionary treadmill they call the grievance process. It keeps parents from presenting any threat to their business as usual. He also forgot to mention that U.S. reps don't have any authority over state CPS issues and can't help your case. He's sending parents on CPS's wild goose chase. Pretty funny, really.

  • Beverly Tran 5 years ago

    Excellent point, Been There, Done That! Unfortunately, you do not see the bigger picture I have painted. The internet allows for a one-stop place, LK, to collectively document what is happening in the child welfare system. And, with your comment, you just added one more resource. Thank you for your contribution.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Im sorry but you are both wrong, first off, there is nothing funny about any of this. but I think it is you (Beverly) that does not see the big picture here. Battling the system is a no-win scenario unless you are stinking rich. CPS is a satanic cult based off bleeding children for their adrenaline to keep young looking and in perfect health. Selling young adrenaline blood to house hold name actors, politicians, and ministers. Sure it's a great index for all the sheeple that like to pretend it isn't happening and that they have a chance in hell but ultimately misleading and therefore pointless. You really want to protect your children? I suggest a ready-at-any-time-video camera, fully automatic fire arms, pit bulls, big fences, and land mines. ALL governments want to sell your children.

  • mad angel 1 year ago

    No matter the argument one thing is for sure , people feel lost and hopeless and are out there looking for answers.
    Lk May not solve all their problems but a least Lk is trying to give resources to help us solve our problem with the system, backed with proof that it's not an isolated incident, but rather a collective corruption of the system.
    I don't care if someone's tried something ans and it failed. I'm willing to continue trying till I find what works.
    (I've always been inspired by Thomas Edison)
    I'm someone new, I have a different view. If everyone else is ready to quit and let the government just take over than get out of my way and let me give it a go.
    I can only hurt