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Legalizing theft does not make it moral

Society will be made right by men with a burning desire for Christ's Kingdom
by Randy Pope

What would you call one who holds a gun to your head and demands that you hand over your money? Now, what would you call this man if, after he took your money, he took it down the street and gave it to someone else, who was hurting and needed the money more than you? Unfortunately too many would look upon the one in this second scenario with compassion. This society has accepted an ethic in which the end justifies the means. That is one reason that so many support government sanctioned theft.

The government does, in affect, hold a gun to the head of the taxpayer in the collection of taxes. And, of course, Romans chapter 13 does give the civil magistrate authority to use the “sword” to punish evil doers and collect taxes. So why would anyone equate the collection of taxes to theft? It is not found in the act of collecting taxes. It is in the use of those tax monies that many find most modern day tax collections to be theft.

Certainly God has given the state authority to collect taxes to pay for activities He has given the state to perform. However, the only function He has given the state is civil justice. When government, with the power of the “sword,” forces one man to give up his money so it can be given to another man that can only be considered legalized theft. It boggles the mind how that most Christians have recognized that just because murder (abortion) has been made legal by the state does not mean that it is moral, but, again, most Christians do not recognize that just because the state has made theft legal does mean that it is moral. The end does not justify the means. Charity is good, and right, and commanded by God, but doing God's will must not merely be accomplished, it must be accomplished in God's way. If it is not it is no more good, or right, than if one were to steal from his neighbor so he can go buy drugs, or gamble it away.

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