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Legalizing Medical Marijuana: Will Floridians benefit financially?

The debate about benevolent Medical Marijuana legalization started in Florida. Both sides of the argument are making their voice heard and giving Floridians all the information needed for the proper vote.

Since it was approved by the supreme court to be added in the November ballot, Medical Marijuana legalization or amendment 2 is in everyone's mind. The conversations in the streets changes from person to person but everyones agrees it will be a savvy financial decision.

According to studies of the financial benefits of this legislation, it is estimated that Medical Marijuana would become a 10 Billion dollar a year industry and the job creation will alleviate our current unemployment situation.

Many small business will surface and new business owners will create many new jobs. Medical dispensaries, farms, manufacturing, sales, and many other industries that will benefit by its production.

The decision is in the hands of the voter.

The state of Florida needs an economic jump and Legalizing Medical Marijuana is a very possible choice to do so.


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