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Legalizing marijuana is not a good idea

Is legalizing another inebriant a good idea?
Is legalizing another inebriant a good idea?
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One argument for legalization stems from the claim that marijuana use is no more harmful than alcohol use. This is a hollow argument considering the damage that alcohol and alcoholism does to individuals, families, businesses, and any other entity it touches. Some say that pot is less harmful than alcohol, even though both affect the mental acuities of its users.

What is the effect of marijuana use on a human? Much like alcohol, it blurs the cognitive functions and usually slows comprehension and reaction time. No matter how much pot users claim to have enhanced mental capabilities while using the drug, reality tells us different. There is a reason that the car in front of you with smoke billowing out of its windows is only going twenty-five miles-per-hour on a seventy mile-per-hour highway.

Another argument for weed’s legalization is that the government could then regulate and profit from its sale. Instead of criminals getting rich, the government could rake in the money. This seems a bit self-serving. The government wants to legalize a currently illegal activity so it can glean the profits they believe it will bring. Kind of like giving yourself a raise, isn’t it? Plus, it will cost money to hire and train people to oversee and carry out the regulatory part of this deal.

Some say that legalizing pot would reduce the amount of criminal activity involved in it distribution and sale. This argument has always seemed a little hokey. If we legalized all illegal activities, would that eliminate crime? Hardly, the crimes would still take place; they would just be labeled as legal. They would also now be carried out by the government instead of enterprising hoodlums.

Therefore, do we really want to encourage the use of a substance that inhibits a person’s mental and physical abilities? Would more people dropping off into a land of fantasy and irresponsibility actually improve life on earth? Is it logical to believe that fewer people will experiment with marijuana if it is legalized? What of the young people who enjoy it so much that they wonder, “If pot makes me feel like this, what will heroin make me feel like?”

To those who believe the Bible condones the use of marijuana because God said, “I have given every green plant for food to every animal of the earth, and to every bird of the sky, and to every thing that moves on the earth” (Genesis 1:30-31 NLV). Please note that this verse says ‘for food’; plants are to be used to strengthen us in God’s service. They are not to be used to escape from reality.

Legalizing marijuana is not an answer to any problem and it will be the cause of many.

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