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Legalized extortion

The judges'
The judges'

Those that represent us Federally, State and locally in today’s day and time got their leadership model from the mafia.

Trillions are being extorted from hard working tax payers via endless regulations and shadow taxes being imposed on all Americans’. The freedom and incentive to go out and seek life, liberty and happiness is being discouraged by choking red tape, fees, and taxes. Small businesses are under assault with small businesside being the goal. Individuals and groups are also under assault with the intent of silencing the voices that wish to question the extortion being imposed on all Americans’.

Wall Street was given trillions of our dollars to allegedly bailout the very elite that caused the crash. They designed it with the mastery of Al Capone. If you don’t pay us we close down the essential businesses. Countless stories like Solyndra, IRS and GM prevail while the country is under threat of collapse and we continue to take money from the hard working soon to be poor and give it to the rich or wealthily endowed government employees who receive benefits that none of us that finance everything have access to. The concept of public service has given way to public fleecing. That which our founder put down on paper to avoid is exactly what we have become.

Small businesses and franchises owned by individuals are taxed under the normal means like, income, franchise tax, sales tax. There are countless less known pseudo taxes like permits, code compliance inspections, licenses and required hoops to jump through or one can not continue to do business. Not paying thousands to any city for code compliance inspections to insure a business is in current code compliance results in business being closed. No different than Vito going into a business and saying under duress of bodily harm, “Give me your protection payment.” If the mafia or any individual extorts money it is illegal but if a government entity does it is seen as leadership in these times of up being down and day being night.

Beware to those that have the vision of our founders and shout out the truth that was intended to be self evident but has become self delusional. IRS targeting is old news and has been status quo for many decades. How hard is it to see when an entire industry is advertising on radio and television offering tax relief? Millions are under assault by the Gestapo, (IRS). With the IRS you have no rights, guilty until proven innocent which isn’t possible when dealing with irrational government employees who will extort in order to finance their bonuses, pensions and health plans. The enemy is our employees who sell us out to the elite and serve us the people up to the lions. The enemy is also us because a majority of us vote with ignorance or fail to vote. Either way we got what we asked for.

For any changes to occur for the better in our future we must clean our house. We have allowed this extortion by decree so we must also without fear stand up for what is right and eliminate all the cancer cells that are killing the American Dream. The army of David’s, within us must rise up to stand up to the Goliath we have created.

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