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Legalize Weed but Don’t Smoke in the White House

Snoop Dogg Tokes in White House
Snoop Dogg Tokes in White House
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Marijuana has many wonderful qualities. It helps people who are very sick and those who, due to illness, have trouble eating. Inhale equal munchies.

Sorry. This is not a joking matter. The marijuana plant has been deemed as one with a multitude of medicinal uses.

Also, relaxation is another benefit. Oh just put down your glass of scotch and agree.

There are many ways to handle stress and laced brownies is just one.

But for the love of all that is holy do not, repeat, do not light up in the White House.

Snoop Dogg who for some reason is a celebrity and has been invited to visit the President admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that he smoked and actually inhaled in this historic building.

Mr. Dogg claims he was not in the White House but actually a bathroom. Seriously, the first family resides in a place with outhouses?

Bathrooms are part of the building. Dogg, did you mean you did not smoke in the Oval Office. Well, good for you.

There are events in life that should be enough. Meeting the President might be one that excludes the need to get stoned.

Enjoy the moment.

Back to weed. Two states have legalized this substance with all the tax potential this presents. It is, what we in the marketing biz call an elastic good. More states are decriminalizing medical marijuana while the legalization should continue happening throughout the country. Okay, it might follow the trail of approved same sex marriage. Mississippi, no one is waiting for you to do anything progressive. After all, the folks there just outlawed slavery.

What a brave stand.

Too many people have been imprisoned for buying, using and selling weed. It goes without saying that they are overwhelming poor and of color. Not generally shades of ecru or winter white.

Our drug laws are a criminal enterprise and have been used to systematically segregate black people into neighborhoods with bars on the doors and police with rifles guarding the gates.

It is time to overhaul these antiquated laws and decriminalize a plant that has a myriad of healing powers.

And Snoop.

Stop trying to get arrested.

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