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Legalize marijuana: State might get second chance to vote on marijuana measure

New Approach Oregon wants to propose legalization of marijuana on November ballot.
New Approach Oregon wants to propose legalization of marijuana on November ballot.
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A political group of Oregonians want to legalize marijuana and are proposing New Approach Oregon. Signatures are being gathered so this "regulatory legalization" will be on November's ballot. All the ballot needs is 87,213 valid signatures to qualify The Weed Blog reports May 19. If this measure goes through, it's predicted to be voted in.

54 percent of participants 21 and older polled feel strongly or somewhat supported the initiative. 38 percent strongly or somewhat oppose it. 9 percent were undecided on the issue to legalize marijuana. In 2012, Oregonians voted down legalization in 2012 by 53.25 percent to 46.75 percent.

Legalizing pot with limits and regulations are believed to "make up the difference." Now that Colorado and Washington have taken this step, Oregon might be next -- along with Alaska (they vote on legalization of cannabis in November).

Oregon wants to profit from cannabis legalization. They want a new industry and seeing the state legalize marijuana launches the possibility of cannabis making a good profit for Oregon. The idea behind it would be creating jobs and earning revenue for education as well as public safety, mental health, and substance abuse treatment.

CNN also reported on the marijuana legalization measure that political operatives are hoping to see on the November 2014 ballot.

If Oregon votes to legalize marijuana, will it be a successful industry in the state? There's still plenty of conflict to go around on this issue, but many seem to be warming up to the idea of legalizing cannabis.

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