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Legal protection for compassion

A Bill to allow medical providers to apologize moves through the WI legislature

A Bill is moving through the legislature of the state of Wisconsin which would allow medical providers to apologize and otherwise offer condolences to patients and families without fear of having that apology used in a malpractice suit. Similar laws are in place in many states. The Bill which is supported by many in the medical profession is one way of adding compassion back into the practice of medicine. It makes it easier for medical providers to comfort patients and show a human side, which many claim reduces the number of malpractice suits.

The Bill is short and applies to all medial providers recognized under state law. The opponents of the law feel that the law would eliminate an important piece of evidence against a medical provider in a malpractice case. The law would only eliminate any apology made by medical providers from the evidence introduced in the case. This law would not block using the much more important medical records, testimony, forensic evidence or any other verifiable evidence to be used in a malpractice case.

The Bill moves on to the Wisconsin State Senate for a vote.

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