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Legal pot at twice the price: $eattle greening up


Between the $uper Bowl and the $uperb Bowl – the crop$

Opening day for legal pot is July 1 and Seattle is under-stashed.

Some storefronts have already come forward with warnings: Short supply means small baggies.

“Sorry fokes. Only an eighth per person per day until crops come in” is overheard around the 20 or so shops approved so far by the Liquor Control Board working out all the kinks in the next 2 weeks.

Reduced supply in a hot market always creates pressure - upward pressure on price. Uh oh.

Prices for an eighth of an ounce of good pot are rumored to hover in the $60 to $80 range when the stores open, about twice the price of black market bud.

Delivered to your door 24/7

Fresh flowers, hot pizza, Amazon books and now – Killer buds.

When demand outstrips supply, expect the unexpected to come busting out across the prairie like wild Oklahoma Sooners, whippin’ that team of horses into wide-open territory for the taking.

Cruising alongside the Yellow cabs today in Seattle, ride-share service providers like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are meeting pent-up demands. Pot delivery is becoming quite lucrative too. Though operating beyond the current changing law, companies like Winterlife and Club Racoons that deliver pot to homes have enjoyed quite a booming business in the interim.

There’s an app for that

Two students at the University of Washington have responded in true entrepreneurial spirit. In their spare time, they created an app - Canary - to connect a client with a nearby rover – a mobile mj store.

According to Canary creator Josiah Tullis, “I think a service like this is inevitable.” He is practical and pragmatic in his perspective:”Millennials today are very tech-savvy and pro-legalization and they’re used to app-based services like Postmate and Uber.”

Tullis views the role of his Canary as cooperative and mutually beneficial. “We actually don’t see the existing dispensaries as competitors, we see them as customers,” reflects Josiah. “We’d bring a lot of value to them with the app and we’d be willing to partner with them to offer their inventory on the Canary marketplace.”

Is legalization on the horizon?

As more states move toward opening the gates on pot stores, we face changes at every turn. On Denver streets a green food-truck now delivers hearty and uplifting lunches, loaded with pot. Traditional PB&J, mac and cheese with a side of tomato soup?

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