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Legal immigration system can't handle an amnesty

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The immigration system that is supposed to process over 11 million illegal aliens if an amnesty is passed, has lost over 6,000 expired student visas. Student Visas have been used by terrorist, despite claims from amnesty supporters like Two of the 9/11 pilots, the would-be Wall Street bomber, the Times Square bomber, & 2 associates of the Boston Bombers have exploited the student visa program, but that is of no concern to the Karl Rove, Chamber of Commerce, Fake Christian, DC Consultant, Multiculturalist, supporters of a path to legal status. The terrorist Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, who attacked the Arkansas Army Recruiting Center in June 2009, didn't use a student visa, but under pressure from the United States, Yemen deported Muhammad to the U.S. on January 29, 2008. Abdulhakim’s original plan to travel to Somalia for bomb training was ironically foiled by his arrest in Yemen for visa violations. Yemen’s immigration system likely saved Little Rock from a suicide bombing, not the DHS of USA.

While Lois Lerner is lying about her blackberry, & hearings on Hillary Clinton’s negligent homicide in Benghazi continue in Congress, the DC bureaucrats within the immigration system continue to get away with not enforcing the law. The media ignores corruption by DC bureaucrats & especially regarding illegal immigration. The more people know about the failures of DC bureaucrats, the less people want another amnesty. It will be up to you to tell your friends and family about this story.


A great video by a real refugee about the cowardly efforts by the illegal alien agenda to use children and asylum to advance their invasion. If you know of a city or county that is attempting to pass a sanctuary policy for illegal aliens, let everyone know.

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Refugee from Killing Fields Explodes On Those Calling Illegals 'Refugees'


Here’s a political event in Arkansas this Saturday: