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Legal, illegal marijuana coexist in Colorado

California voters strongly favor legalizing marijuana. The state Democratic Party to take a platform last month urging California to follow Colorado and Washington in ending marijuana prohibition. The state’s lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom, has called for legalizing the drug.

California voters strongly favor legalizing marijuana
California voters strongly favor legalizing marijuana
Matthew Staver for the New York Times

However, Gov. Jerry Brown said “I think we ought to kind of watch and see how things go in Colorado.” Brown as he was questioned while presenting his state budget this year.

To develop rapidly the attitudes toward marijuana legalization is slightly the majority of Americans now support legalizing the drug as Democratic governors across the country, Mr. Brown among them, find themselves uncomfortably expected with their own turf.

More Democrats are following Colorado and Washington with respect to legalization of marijuana as recreational. At the same time, governors are hesitant in supporting medical-marijuana proposals or invoking the kind of law-and-order and public-health arguments more commonly heard from Republicans. While 17 states are leaning toward Democratic in approving it.