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Legal highway robbery - cops use traffic stops to rip off millions of dollars

You have probably been through the drill when a police officer turns on the flashing red and blue lights and you’re nervously pull over to the side of the road. Well according to Forbes, there are a barrel full of cops throughout the nation that will ask for your license, registration and “cash please!” That’s right, there are traffic cops like the one bad apple in Nevada that stopped innocent drivers and seized $60,000.

traffic stops illegally used to seize money from drivers
photo credit - Top Speed

Now there are two federal lawsuits that have been filed against a Humboldt County deputy sheriff in Nevada took money in what has called amongst law enforcement as a civil forfeiture. Imagine you are driving along a road and the law enforcement officer seizes your car or cash and does not have to even prove that you are guilty of any crime. Can someone in the room say “police state?”

Unfortunately for Tan Nguyen, last September was an especially bad day to be driving on a Nevada road, because he was stopped by Deputy Lee Dove, who claimed she was allegedly driving three miles over the speed limit, according to Forbes. The officer searched the car and did not find the weed he said he smelled, but hit the jackpot when he instead found a suitcase with $50,000 and cashier’s checks.

It appears the rule of “Finders Keepers” was in by the deputy who is now being sued in federal court. He allegedly toward Nguyen to make his way back down the highway and forget the little incident happened, of course minus his suitcase filled with 50k and cashier’s checks, according to the lawsuit which was filed by the driver.

According to the Blaze, Nguyen was not given a traffic citation, not arrested or charged with a crime. Deputy Dove on the other hand practiced what can only be described literally as apparent highway robbery as he threatened to seize the car unless the driver “got in his car and drove off and forgot this ever happened,” according to Forbes

Yet this side stepping the legal practice of traffic officers did not just leave Nguyen light on the money side. Ninety plus days later Deputy Dove was again practicing his trademark moves and stopped and detained a Ken Smith for a warrant, but it was for a black man, which Ken Smith sitting in Deputy’s Dove police cruiser was definitely not. This Ken Smith is white.

Same as before, the deputy is alleged to have taken money in the amount of $13,000 from Smith as well as a .40 caliber Ruger handgun after the man was “unarrested.” Before he was allowed to leave he, was made to sign a” waiver to surrender the cash.”

Don’t get too comfortable because you do not live in Nevada, because there are 25 other states which also allow the police to stop you on the road and pick your pockets through civil forfeiture. This is clear and certain, “institutional corruption,” according to former California judge Jim Grey. He claims that this practice by cops gives them too much of an incentive to practice this pick pocket thievery because they keep all the proceeds, reported the Blaze.

According to national studies the vast majority of these nefarious police actions are never challenged in court and gives policing for profit a better hammer on drivers than the old speed traps.

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