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Legal hell for mother of dead 18-year-old

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A Montreal-area woman already dealing with the death of her daughter in a drunk driving accident over three years ago says she has been going through a hellish time trying to get justice.

Mélanie Fluet's 18-year-old daughter Stéphanie was a passenger in a car with friends back in December 2010 when they were hit by a drunk driver. She was seriously injured and taken to hospital where she was expected to survive but her condition worsened. She died a few hours later.

A coroner concluded that Stéphanie's death could have been prevented.

"She didn't die from that accident, according to our expertise, she died from mismanagement of her medical condition," said Fluet's lawyer Jean-Pierre Ménard who is handling the lawsuit.

The coroner cites the misinterpretation of certain tests, missing material and delays in getting critical lab test analyses.

Ménard said his client has been getting the run-around from doctors who are trying to shift the responsibility to Quebec's no-fault insurance.

Adding to all of this, Fluet had to go through the whole legal process involving the drunk driver in the case who has pleaded guilty but still hasn't been sentenced. He has since been re-arrested for drunk driving.

Ménard said his client is frustrated with the whole system, saying it fails to help victims.

"The only way she can act to get some kind of compensation about the medical mistakes is unfortunately to sue."