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Legacy vs credibility

The Washington Post, its District editorial page writer Ms. Jo-Ann Armao, and its columnist Mr. Robert McCartney are not in any valiant position to write about or to be concerned about the legacy of District of Columbia Mayor Vincent C. Gray.

Despite his loss in the 2014 District Democratic primary, history will record Mayor Gray as one of the most effective mayors for the District and champion for the dignity of all residents of the District.

The Washington Post, led by Ms. Armao spent the past four (4) years focusing on a judicial act which did not happen and more than likely will not happen. The almost four (4) year assault on Mayor Gray by The Washington Post and its columnists leave them little or any wiggle room to be credible to evaluate without bias the legacy of Mayor Gray.

It is sad The Washington Post and Mr. McCartney use absurd reasoning to justify its continued irrational attack on Mayor Gray and his leadership.

Mr. McCartney’s judgment Mayor Gray is unsympathetic to the homeless demonstrates his reckless denial of facts and his intellectual hypocrisy.

During the past bitter winter storm season the District’s emergency operations center within the DC Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency (Mr. Chris Geldart, Director) was activated with a primary purpose to coordinate the District government's response to provide emergency shelter to the District’s homeless population.

Do The Washington Post, Ms. Armao, and Mr. McCartney believe it is the fiscal responsibility of District taxpayers to pay for the emergency and or permanent sheltering of all homeless, to include those from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia or any other State of the Union?

Since Ms. Armao, and Mr. McCartney live in Maryland, are they demand a significant increase in District taxes to pay for the sheltering of Maryland homeless residents in the District?

Why is Mr. McCartney wrongly critical of District officials, yet silent about the seemingly inadequate support for the homeless of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia by their local and state government officials?

Although The Washington Post, Ms. Armao, and Mr. McCartney were quiet about it, Mayor Gray's decision to keep the District government open during the congressional Republican Party forced federal government shutdown was a significant benefit to the state and local budgets of Maryland and Virginia.

The District’s efforts in support of the homeless have been laudable and should be praised.

The Washington Post and Mr. McCartney’s newspaper dramatizations of Mayor Gray's administration as unsympathetic to the District’s homeless are false and dishonest journalism.

Despite the best efforts of The Washington Post, Ms. Armao, and Mr. McCartney, Mayor Gray does not have to worry about his legacy as an effective, compassionate, progressive, and successful Mayor of the District of Columbia.

Mayor Gray’s record of accomplishments on District fiscal stability, sustainability, improvement in District public education, neighborhood economic development, and equal rights for District residents will serve him well.

The rich legacy of Mayor Gray has been achieved and fulfilled.

It is the credibility of The Washington Post, Ms. Armao, and Mr. McCartney that continues to fall and fail.

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