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Leftover Easter egg recipe ideas

Easter brings beautifully colored and decorated Easter eggs. The joy of coloring, hiding, and the ever popular egg fights are tradition. But, as the holiday draws to a close, you are left wondering what to do with all those lovely hardboiled eggs languishing in your refrigerator.

Egg salad immediately comes to mind. Hard boiled eggs, salt, pepper, and a bit of mayo to bind it all together and a simple egg salad is born; could not be simpler. For a bit more exotic flavor, try adding curry powder, garlic powder, and a bit of onion powder to your usual egg salad mixture and serve on toasted onion rolls. Chopped apricots work really well in this type salad, and will make a simple boring egg salad into something special.

If egg salad is not your thing, how about a meatloaf made with ground beef or turkey and three or four chopped hardboiled eggs. Add your usual seasonings or simply combine with a box of ready to make stuffing and dinner could not be simpler. (Add a raw egg of two to bind all the ingredients together.)

Last but not least add a hardboiled egg or two to a packed lunch, this was common practice 50 years ago when lunch meats were rarely used. You might just like the simplicity of one of nature’s most perfect foods.




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