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Leftist Fascism and The Duck Dynasty

Victim of left fascism
Victim of left fascism
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for A&E Networks)

Many commentators call it "political correctness". When A & E suspended Phil Robertson from the Duck Dynasty show, (which I have never watched, by the way), they represented the penultimate level of this modern phenomena of the left. It was the culmination of years of brain washing by the establishment media, Hollywood, the small number of activists from the 2% of the population that professes to be homosexual, and the Democrats who carry their water in Washington DC, including Barrack Obama.

The term "political correctness", however, does not adequately describe what is happening in our country on this issue. I prefer the tern "left fascism". First, a definition of fascism:

Fascism assumes that society as a whole is a scientific organism, predictable, controlled and manageable, upon which one great and scientifically enlightened leader or group of leaders are able to impose the "will of the people", which it portrays itself as representing. It is the antithesis of Western traditional liberalism, and is the absolute enemy of liberty. It is the logical spawn of the ideology of Progressivism, i.e. the false belief that science can create a human utopia on Earth. Generally relying on a "youth movement" and/or labor movement to gain power, fascism sees all facets of society as political, and that therefore any conduct by the state through its enlightened leaders to “improve” society is justified. In order to gain power and incite the “movement” to action, it many times blames a scapegoat ethnic or political group for society’s ills, such as the Jews, Tea Partiers, etc. Every aspect and detail of life becomes the state's responsibility. Fascism tends to become a state religion, i.e. it becomes the religion of the state and seeks to eventually replace or incorporate all true religion and belief in God, while downgrading traditional morality. Eventually, if it completes its seizure of power, nothing and no one is permitted to present an opposing position, it has then become totalitarian, such as the twin fascisms of the 20th century: Communism in the U.S.S.R. and German Nazism."

Fascism is not confined to the "right", as falsely asserted by most academics and their comrades. Fascism is fascism. Jonah Goldberg, from whom the above definition is adapted, had it right in his classic book "Liberal Fascism". See:

The modern left fascists, who many term "progressives", have their roots in the same pseudo-scientific Progressive movement that developed in the 19th century. This ideology believed then, and still believes now, as currently demonstrated by Pelosi, Reid and Obama's policies, that with their "superior" intellects and capabilities, with their teams of "experts", can cure all of humanity's ills and create a utopia here on Earth. This eliminates the need or necessity for any Supreme Being, since there is no need for heaven in the after life if we can create utopia here on Earth, and no need for God if government has all the solutions to our problems. There are two books, both by the great Mark Levin, that explains the progressive roots of this modern left fascism much better than I can: Liberty and Tyranny ( ), and Ameritopia ( )

How this left fascism precipitated the firing of Robertson by A & E becomes obvious when one looks at the positions taken by these elitist rulers in their efforts to transform society into what they believe is a better world.

It should be remembered that their positions, as left fascists, must become all-encompassing and "...fascism sees all facets of society as political, and that therefore any conduct by the state through its enlightened leaders to “improve” society is justified."

One of the ideological positions that they have decided must be adopted is that homosexuality is a good thing and a normal thing, and not perverse, that the Christian Bible is wrong, and that all Americans must conform to these ideas, or they are "homophobes" and therefore subject to being silenced by whatever means necessary.

The left fascists believe that it is necessary to transform the perverse into the normal because that is part of what is necessary to deconstruct the morality based on the Bible and Classical Liberalism that founded and maintains our great country.

Obama's intentional politicization of the Winter Olympics by appointing open homosexuals to the U.S. delegation is yet another effort by these special elites to ram homosexuality down not only our throats, but also down the throats of the 86% of the Russian people who supported the Russian anti-gay propaganda law. Obama' actions in appointing these homosexuals is directly contrary to the spirit of the Olympics, during which the countries are supposed to leave their politics behind while participating. I hope that Russia refuses the propagandists admittance to their country.

I am encouraged by the public reaction to the firing of Robertson, as I was encouraged by the public reaction to the vilification and attempted destruction of Chic fil-A last year for the same reasons.

My advice is to speak out. If you feel as I do that homosexuality is perverse and a sin, don't be intimidated into silence: speak out, and stand up.

Here is a Facebook page that supports a boycott of A & E (it already has 1.4 million "likes"!):

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