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Left 4 Dead Game Review

Game: Left 4 Dead

Console: PC, Xbox 360

Developer/Publisher: Electronic Arts/Valve

Genre: Shooter

Number of players: Two players offline, eight players online or systemlink

Rated: Mature for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language

The premise: Do you like horror movies? Well here is your chance to live one. The makers of Counter Strike, the Half Life series, present a first person zombie apocalypse. The only plot is about four survivors Bill, Francis, Zoey and Louis. Clues to the plot can be found on the safe room walls and by listening to the characters. Try to survive against the horde and the special zombies.

Gameplay: You control one of four survivors. The game is divided into stages. Each stage has four parts. Originally the game had four stages but just recently added a fifth. Each part ends when you reach a save room. There is an offline mode and online mode. Versus mode consists of eight players. Half control the humans and the other half control the special zombies. The special zombies’ goal is to stop the humans. After a round, the players switch.

The good/bad:
Good: Offline or online, it is the same type of game. Instead of a game that is nothing but match after match, this game deals with storyline and plot.

Bad: Offline it is hard to deal with the enemy survivor artificial intelligence. Never healing, leaving safe zones and bursting exploding enemies when you are too close are also rather exasperating.

Good: As mentioned earlier, Xbox Live has just released some more content for this game. Even though it is only two levels, it is worth playing

Bad: Whenever you are fighting the zombie horde and are knocked down, it is impossible to get back up when you are swarmed with enemies. The friendly A.I. gets confusing on what you are supposed to do.

Figure out what type of gun you like to use and stick with it. There is a choice between machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles.

The best way to sneak past a witch is to turn off your flashlight and do as wide of an arc as you can.

Try hosting a game if you are getting irritated with your online playmates. You will have control of who you can kick out of the game. After some work and time you will have the perfect party.

My take: Zombies…you have to hate them, don’t you? I am biased since I like the Resident Evil series. Since there is so much zombie action going on, I have never experienced any slowdown. I really enjoy this game and have spent many hours online and offline with friends. I have had this game for many years and recommend it to friends. I was glad there was new content which meant I could contact all my old playing buddies. Although falling prey to the zombie horde is nothing but frustrating, it is not enough to merit turning it off in frustration. I can’t say enough good things about this game. I am very glad that they made a sequel and it will be my next review.

My score: 5 out of 5

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