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LEED building certification spreading rapidly in China

Construction site of a housing project in Shenyang, China.
Construction site of a housing project in Shenyang, China.
AP Photo, Dec. 6, 2009

With an impressive record of new buildings in construction accompanying its economic growth, the People's Republic of China looks determined to make a big difference and a strong statement about its concern in relationship with the environment and sustainability.  The country is  using the LEED certification as a powerful way  to demonstrate its commitment with green initiatives.

According to the article "Green, not grand" published on December 30, 2009 in the China Daily,  there are hundreds of new constructions achieving Gold LEED Certification.  Its first Platinum is expected this year.  The recent  announcements previously reported here about Rare Earth minerals and an amendment to its clean energy law signal a concerted effort towards the implementation of green technologies. 

LEED certification should be monitored to ascertain that the sustainability targets included in its design are reached and followed permanently.

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