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LeeAnn Dickson goes to pieces for Art & Brew show

Art & Brew artist LeeAnn Dickson is going to pieces and that’s a good thing. Her wonderful mosaics will be part of the April 26, 2014 event where art, craft beer, and animal causes come together in a unique collaboration. The Art & Brew event takes place at the Roseville Brewing Company located at 501 Derek Place in Roseville, CA.

Chessie mosaic. I want one!!!
LeeAnn DIckson
Moasics by LeeAnn Dickson
LeeAnn DIckson

Seventeen local and regional artists will be in attendance with their remarkable art ranging from fine paintings, pottery, jewelry, photography, mosaics and more. The Placer SPCA is also anticipated to be in attendance with information on animal adoption, rescue and support and perhaps with their pet mobile. The Roseville Brewing Company will be offering selections from their current craft beers that are well known for their quality and flavor.

LeeAnn Dickson started doing mosaics many years ago but waited until 2010 to take classes from the Institute of Mosaic Art in Berkeley. Her habit of going to pieces has led her to create many cherished pet portraits as well as garden tiles, commemorative mosaics, and a variety of interesting pieces that fulfill her drive to create.

The Art & Brew show will be LeeAnn’s first official show although she has shown at Funny Bones and at the Placer SPCA Holiday Party as well as donating personalized pet portraits for silent auctions. She says she is “very excited” and looks forward to further sharing her work with the public. Attendees will surely be enchanted with her mosaics that she creates from tile and found pieces.

When LeeAnn first started creating her mosaics she worked on her back porch. As her interest continued and she began experimenting and building a fan base, her husband Lonnie built a studio shed in the backyard to house her supplies. Those supplies have become part of her Zen where putting her creative soul to work brings her peace and happiness. LeeAnn says, “hours pass … and I am at peace [and] usually covered in tile dust, mastic and grout; however, no matter what the piece or how dirty I might be, I am happy and love doing what I do.”

Dickson’s philosophy can be abbreviated with one of her favorite quotes by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right.” She approached mosaics in this same fashion and allowed her desire to make them give herself permission to do so. She plunged in and “just started” although admits “it got easier once I took a few classes.”

LeeAnn says she is “a writer, an artist, a collector, a traveler and a volunteer” while also upholding a standard job in the railroad industry. Because she doesn’t believe in letting negativity run her life, she creates a world of positive exchange and creating mosaics has been among those endeavors that provides personal fulfillment while bringing happiness to those who view them.

LeeAnn and Lonnie are both animal lovers so the Art & Brew event is ideal for a first official show of her mosaics. They both volunteer and donate to the Placer SPCA because they are “lifelong animals lovers and have rescued several cats” that have turned out to be loving members of their fur family. They also have two large Golden Retrievers named Toby and Thomas.

The Placer SPCA will receive a portion of proceeds from the art and beer sales at Art & Brew which runs from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. LeeAnn says “any opportunity to bring food, spirits, art and a good cause together has my vote.” She will be bringing approximately ten read-to-hang mosaics along with her upbeat attitude and love for animals. She has also gotten positive feedback when gifting Roseville Brewing Company beer during the holidays and favors their use of railroad images on their labels.

You can find out more about the Art & Brew event at the announcement article here or by contacting curator Gayle Rappaport-Weiland at (916) 435-4096 or emailing Previous articles featuring Art & Brew artists include photographer Philip Venable, scratchboard artist Ann Ranlett, watercolorist Sharon Gerber, curator and painter Gayle Rappaport-Weiland, and artists Andrea Martin and Suzanne McClelland. You can also find LeeAnn Dickson's website Just Ducky Dickson here.

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