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2014 Winter Olympics

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Lee Seung Chul at Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony; fans ready for music (video)

Lee Seung-Chul (also spelled Lee Seung-Cheol) is a South Korean singer who loves to perform. On Saturday reports were coming in that the talented entertainer would be taking the stage at the Sochi Olympics for a performance in front of the world. International Business Times on Saturday revealed that the Closing Ceremony might not be as flashy as when the world was introduced to Sochi two weeks ago. According to Huffington Post on Friday, Seung-Chul will be grouped with several other artists for a medley.

Who is Lee Seung-Chul? He has been in the music business for a while. Known in South Korea for his strong vocals, he was the main vocal of Boohwal, a South Korean rock band until 1989. He parted with the band in 1989 and released his first solo album, Don't Say Good-Bye. Known to perform all over Korea, the star has been part of numerous performances.

Now with an opportunity to sing for the world, the artist is helping introduce South Korean music to the world. What the artist is singing has been under wraps, but the star definitely has everyone attention. He’s known for strong live performances which makes it nearly a requirement to watch his performance live at the Closing Ceremony.

Take a look at the video clip of Lee Seung-Chul performing. If he does show up like people suggested, the fans of the world are going to be very excited to hear his music.

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