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Lee Brice setting record for tour bus trouble

Lee Brice's wife and son escape scary tour bus incident
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Lee Brice seems to have trouble following him around, at least when it comes to tour buses. The “I Don’t Dance” singer recently had another in a string of tour bus scares when his wife and son were trapped on the bus.

Lee Brice and tour mate Luke Bryan told the story on the Country Countdown USA radio broadcast and it was posted to Country Countdown’s website on Saturday.

Apparently, when set to open for Luke Bryan at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Lee Brice couldn’t get his wife and child off the tour bus. The doors to the bus had malfunctioned and they were trapped inside. Instead of heading out on stage, Lee Brice was running around trying to get help. At first, they considered calling the fire department, but in the end, his wife and son squeezed through the small windows on the tour bus and got out safely.

What a way to start a show! Lee Brice had to have been quite panicked knowing the crowd was waiting for him but dealing with this personal panic backstage. However, this is not the first scary experience Lee Brice has had with a tour bus.

In January of 2012, Lee Brice’s tour bus actually caught on fire. At the time, the singer was traveling through Arizona and the bus caught fire while parked outside a restaurant. Lee Brice along with most of his crew were all sleeping at the time the fire broke out, making their escape al the more miraculous. One band member was awake and saw the smoke rising from outside the bus. Thanks to his quick thinking, everyone was evacuated from the bus safely and they were even able to save some of their equipment.

Firefighters suspected a faulty battery cable was the culprit of the blaze, which shot flames 20 feet high within two minutes. After the incident, Lee Brice stated “We were blessed. Luckily, we were stopped in a populated area where fire trucks could get there. If we had been in the middle of nowhere, it could have been a whole different story. We were lucky.”

If having a tour bus catch fire wasn’t enough excitement for the year, the same incident nearly repeated itself just a few months later. In March of 2012, Lee Brice was traveling with Jerrod Niemann, when Niemann’s bus caught on fire.

People had reported that Jerrod Niemann and songwriter Jon Stone, who had been on Lee Brice’s bus when it caught fire, debated whether a smell emanating from the bus was just the smell of the heater kicking on. Lee Brice, however, was the one to insist that the bus was indeed on fire and at that time, everyone evacuated just in time to see the windshield blow out.

Two bus fires and now his wife and child stuck inside the tour bus–Lee Brice might seriously want to consider another mode of transportation!

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