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Lee Booksellers nears end of 30-year run

Lee Booksellers at Edgewood Shopping Center.
Lee Booksellers at Edgewood Shopping Center.
Photo by David Kubicek

The past year has been rough on book stores. In the current economic slump even the chains have been trimming their budgets. In January Borders Group planed to close 200 Waldenbooks stores, and Barnes & Noble is phasing out it B Dalton stores when their leases run out—including one at Westfield Gateway in May, 2009.

One local casualty is the independent book store Lee Booksellers in the Edgewood Shopping Center at 56th & Nebraska Highway 2. Lee has been a fixture in Lincoln for the past 30 years. Owners Jim McKee, 69, and his wife, Linda Hillegass, 62, decided that with the lease expiring, it was the right time to retire.
At one time Lee Booksellers boasted three stores in Lincoln—at East Park, Piedmont Shops, and Edgewood. Also at various times it leased space in Brandeis/Younkers at Omaha’s Crossroads Mall and at Lincoln’s two Miller& Paine/Dillards stores.

According to Hillegass, the couple tried to sell the store, but could find no buyers so they opted for a going out of business sale. All books and magazines now are 50 percent to 75 percent off. All store fixtures also are for sale.

The sale runs through the end of this month or until all stock and fixtures are gone.

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