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Lee Bains III, the Bohannons and Zoners left the EARL in a shambles

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires @ the EARL 6/5/14
Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires @ the EARL 6/5/14
Chris Martin, Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires

Thursday night the true definition of a rock and roll show took place at the EARL in east Atlanta. One of Alabama’s finest - Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires – teamed up with a group of rockers out of Tennessee – The Bohannons – and a local band – Zoners – for an evening of sonic debauchery.

Bains and crew took to the stage and proceeded to assault the jam packed house with a collection of vicious guitars and thunderous rhythms. Grabbing the mic Bains skipped any introductions as he tore into Gov. Deal and his policies before opening the show with “Company Man”. It was a fitting beginning to a night that would leave most folks in attendance with ringing ears. The evening was about the new record and the new songs sounded great live. The music poured from the speakers at ear piercing decibels as Bains prowled around the stage like a caged animal growling into the microphone, attacking his guitar and jumping in and out of the crowd. When the buzz from the amps came to a close the place was drenched in sweat. The Glory Fires dished out a batch of Southern infused rock with a smash you in the mouth punk attitude. The crowd was as tired and sweaty as the band because each and every person there was singing, dancing and air guitaring along with every song. I have seen a lot of shows and this by far was one of the best.

Chattanooga’s Bohannons opened the night’s festivities with a set of tunes loaded with churning guitars and bone rattling rhythms that tore into listener’s souls. Their aural onslaught was short and powerful as they mixed in tunes from up and down their catalog. As the set sped by a psychedelic feel blanketed their Southern rock sound which reminded me of classic 70’s Deep Purple. When the smoke cleared I think Corey from TIAM (This Is American Music) said it best, “Every time I see the Bohannons, it’s my favorite time seeing the Bohannons”. These dudes give it all they got and Thursday was no different.

Sandwiched in between the two was local band Zoners. They kept with the theme of playing loud. Fast guitar riffs and rapid fire drums mixed with old school synthesizers equaled a sound that was one part 80’s one part punk rock. These dudes played fast and furious and when their set was through they had won over a few new fans.

Those that were at the EARL, and there were a lot, got what they paid for. Lee Bains II & the Glory Fires showed why they are a force to be reckoned with, the Bohannons once again impressed leaving me wondering why more people aren’t flocking to their music and the Zoners demonstrated the strength of local music in Atlanta. If you ever find yourself facing an opportunity to catch any of these bands live, take my advice and do it.