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Lee Arts Mini Gallery greenware stowaways

Richard Aerni, Giant Urn, Stoneware, 1999
Richard Aerni, Giant Urn, Stoneware, 1999
James George

On a quiet Monday, while on the way to Plaza Art Supply, I stopped at Lee Arts Center to visit an extraordinary display of greenware pottery, stuff that was prepared by master potters in workshops and left behind in the studio for whatever reason. The potters mounted these objects from inventory so that everyone can appreciate them.

Joe Roeben, Potter at Lee Arts Center studio
James George

Unfinished and unfired works like these have their own intrinsic beauty. In a pristine state, one can appreciate the essence of their design and craftsmanship.

Take look at the slideshow. Here is a compendium of the potters whose work is represented here.

Richard Aerni, Giant Urn, Stoneware, 1999

Akira Satake, Teapot, Stoneware & Kohiki Slip 2011

Bernadette Curran, Handled Bowl, Porcelain 2005

Michael Simon, Footed Box, Stoneware, 1993

Steven Fabrico, Large Planter, Stoneware 2003

Dan Reifz, Large Footed Bowl 1917

Martha Groet, Juice Pitcher 2013

Bob Briscoe, Vase,Stoneware, 2012

Emily Shroeder Willis, Vessel, Porcelain 2012

Liz Ziet Summerfiled, Tumbler and Mugs, Low Fire Stoneware and Underglaze, 2013

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Assistant to the Director
The Lee Arts Center, a program of the Arlington Cultural Affairs Division, is housed in the Lee Community Center. Studios for ceramics and printmaking are maintained in large, airy rooms with abundant natural light. There are ongoing open studio programs in pottery, ceramic sculpture, tilemaking, and printmaking.

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