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Lee Arts Mini Gallery bursts with new work: 'March Mugs and Minis'

Cherie Redlinger, print
Cherie Redlinger, print
James George

It is exciting to see new work from printmakers and potters altogether in the same exhibit space outside their respective studios. Often, you will discover that pottery and art from different artists complement one another and make a nice pairing.

Phyllis Rowe, vibrant print
James George

Director, Steve Munoz described, “The show is all ceramic mugs and mini prints, image size no larger than 5” x 7”.” He calls it “March Mugs and Minis.”

In the March exhibit, there is one printmaker that deserves special attention and that is Phyllis Rowe. Her work branches in appearance. Sometimes it resembles Paul Klee, and other times it pops with distinctive design and color. Look at the slideshow to see that comparison.

Cherie Redlinger breaks from her large and colorful prints to produce intimate little etchings from her travels out west.

Phyllis Rowe shows two different styles: one intense with color and the other a cityscape in black and white.

Liz Wolf shares what is surely an impression of spring.

Janet Gohres exhibits a tiny version of a plantscape that has also appeared in a much larger size. That illustrates the flexibility of printmaking.

Photos of tiny prints don’t do them justice. Tiny prints are meant to be hung in intimate locations where a person can sit in a chair, have a cup of tea, and enjoy the view.