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LeBroning defined: Viral flopping videos all the rage

LeBroning is the latest viral trend across the country the past few days according to the Huffington Post reports on Tuesday, January 14.

Lebron James "LeBroning trend defined
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

The term LeBroning is defined as flopping, or to flop and videos are going crazy of people copping Lebron James flop style on the basketball court in everyday life.

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Videos of people "LeBroning" are finding James' copies falling down in malls, school hallways, and on the streets after walking by strangers, barely if at all bumping shoulders and the LeBroner prankster then falling dramatically onto the ground arms flailing and looking surprised and innocent.

So far, Lebron James has not yet responded to the numerous "LeBroning" videos that are popping up all over the Internet, but if history repeats much as Lebron James flops throughout a NBA season,you can count on Lebron tweeting some sort of remark, either in anger or good humored nature. It is hard to say which way this will go.

What do you think about the latest LeBroning viral trend,and have you LeBroned, or been LeBroned yet?

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