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Lebron, Thank you for "Coming Home"!

Lebron is coming home
Lebron is coming home
Photo by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

As long as I’ve been alive Cleveland sports teams haven’t won anything! I grew up in Northeastern Ohio in the wonderful small town of Wooster, Ohio just outside the Cleveland suburbs. After college I moved away from the region and have lived away ever since. However, like as millions of other Cleveland fans who have moved away, our hearts have always been in Cleveland.

I’ve taken a lot of slack over the years from friends about my loyalty to the team I love so much and hasn’t won a thing. And yet that’s what makes us a fan base that is unique and genuine and separates us from other fan bases. We still cheer for our teams that haven’t won a thing in fifty years! So when Lebron decided to come home to Northeastern Ohio and play again for the Cavaliers he instantly brought back hope to a region, so desperate for a championship.

The weight of losing and misery over the past 50 years for all of us Cleveland fans has been immense. Lebron knew that because he grew up there and was in tune with the region. So Lebron deciding to return to the NE Ohio region to lead his team and his community his simply historic and will go down as a monumental moment in all of sports. Not many sports superstars would just do what Lebron just did! To return home and try to bring that championship to the region is historic. I, like so many others was crushed four years ago when Lebron decided to take his talents to South Beach because Lebron was one of our own. I believe Lebron really found that out after he left for Miami. Like Lebron mentioned in his return letter to Cleveland that the four years in Miami were like a college experience that most kids experience between the ages of 18-22. Lebron really grew up over those years. I had my doubts that he'd want to return. For Lebron to share his wanting to return with the letter to Northeastern Ohio fans was amazing. Thank you Lebron!! You've made us true fans of Ohio very proud of you!