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LeBron’s new look may influence locals to change lifestyle habits

LeBron James speaking to media in June 2014 after 2014 NBA Game Finals in San Antonio, Texas.
Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Just days before LeBron James will be welcomed home by thousands of fans at the University of Akron’s InfoCision Stadium and Summa Field on Friday August 8, he shared a noticeably thinner and shocking new look on social media. While many speculate why he incorporated a low carb diet into his fitness routine to achieve weight loss, his results may encourage local Ohioans to make healthier habits toward lifestyle improvement.

King James is known to be in good shape as a well-accomplished basketball player. Fans are interested in learning how his talents will benefit from the change. Whether he lost weight for personal or professional reasons (or both), many feel his change can be good on local fans seeking to make similar changes for themselves.

We know benefits of weight loss can help us live longer and be proactive, but with thousands of northeastern Ohio fans happy to see King James return home, it helps to put lifestyle changes in a unique perspective. Any Ohioan that has attempted to lose weight knows how challenging it is to find a diet to stick with and get the results you want. It can be just as difficult to keep the weight off after losing.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, certain health behaviors in Summit County alone such as obesity and physical inactivity have fluctuated in recent years. Summit County is home to more than 500,000 residents. There have been times the county’s average was higher than the state and national average. The fact you have a local celebrity that achieved weight loss for whatever purpose may give others seeking similar results more inspiration.

While fans express mixed reviews on how LeBron lost weight, you have to admit it is an accomplishment many hope to achieve their own way. We know we need to eat healthy, stay physically active and adopt health habits to live longer. Yet, because King James is a significant influence on thousands in and around Akron, his initiative may encourage a few to take a deeper glance at how they can be better individuals and consider adding a new healthy habit to their lifestyle.

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