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LeBron preps for another summer of uncertainty

LeBron James is now left to ponder his future after his Miami Heat fell to the Spurs, 4-1, in the NBA Finals.
LeBron James is now left to ponder his future after his Miami Heat fell to the Spurs, 4-1, in the NBA Finals.
Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Before the dust had settled from a one-sided NBA Finals, the attention turned to one individual on the losing side and what the upcoming summer holds for him and his teammates.

LeBron James is once again a potential free agent. Like the spectacle that took over the league four years ago, James is already facing questions about where he will play and who he will play with.

The San Antonio Spurs dispatched the Miami Heat tidily in five games, and that only ramped up speculation that James could once again head for greener pastures. While he has proclaimed his love for the Heat and the city of Miami, an aging Dwyane Wade and a disappearing Chris Bosh may not be the running mates James craves for his next contract.

He seemingly has three options.

James could pick up his player option for more than $20 million. Wade and Bosh would likely follow suit, and the Heat would again make a run at the title with the "Big Three" and an underwhelming supporting cast.

Or LeBron and his buddies could opt out of their contracts, only to re-sign for less money. The added cap space may be enough to entice another big name free agent to join Miami. Carmelo Anthony is the hottest name out there, but several second tier free agents, including point guard, Kyle Lowry, could also make sense for the Heat.

The third, and most scary option for Heat fans is that LeBron could opt-out of the his contract and hit the road. The suitors would again line up at his door. Already, two teams surfaced Tuesday that have hopes of bringing in James should he make himself available. ESPN's Bill Simmons listed the Los Angeles Clippers as a team willing to make room for James. Meanwhile, USA Today's Sam Amick reported the Rockets hope to add LeBron to James Harden and Dwight Howard.

The list only figures to grow if and when James decided to opt out. And that decision would kick off yet another "LeBron Watch." Brace yourself, NBA fans.

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