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Lebron moves car collection back to Cleveland

Lebron James moves cars back to Cleveland
Lebron James moves cars back to Cleveland
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

As NBA fans around the country anxiously anticipated information on Lebron James and his future NBA career plans, a few photos of moving trucks caused quite the uproar on Twitter. It was early on the morning of July 9th when photos of Lebron’s Exotic Car Transport trucks began to appear online, triggering rumors that he was planning a big move. This fascination with Lebron’s cars dates back to his high school basketball years when his mother bought him a brand new Hummer H2 for his birthday.

Lebron’s mother was able to secure a loan based on her son’s future earning potential. Consumer leasing experts, $ explain that their qualified buyers are able to avoid haggling with price quotes or paying upfront fees, making it simpler for individuals like Lebron’s mother to procure a new vehicle. Now that Lebron’s career is established, his earning power and overall credit has grown substantially which has allowed him to accumulate cars without his mother’s help.

Lebron’s first Hummer has become one of the most notorious cars in sports history because of the fact that his mother used his reputation to secure the initial loan. The purchase led to a full investigation by the Ohio High School Athletic Association who determined that Lebron hadn’t violated any regulations by allowing his mother to secure the car loan. According to $, there are a plethora of hidden costs that occur when a buyer attempts to lease a new car. These costs range from sales tax, title transfers or even an acquisition fee, making it more difficult for buyers to afford the car of their dreams even if they are perfectly qualified.

Over the years, Lebron has been sighted driving a Ferrari F430 Spider, a Maybach 57S, a Bentley Continental GT, and even a Rolls-Royce Phantom. He was even featured on the first episode of Unique Whips, where he was presented with a customized Ferrari worth well over $200,000. $ associates explain that as long as a buyer has at least a 725 credit score or higher, they can achieve a $0 money down offer on the car of their dreams through their service. These types of consumer leasing companies help well-qualified individuals and celebrities alike as they aim to lease an amazing vehicle without unnecessary out of pocket expenses up front. Now that King James has had his cars moved to his massive Cleveland garage, he can continue to accumulate exciting new vehicles to round out his collection.